Swish e-commerce

We have developed a plugin that we use in our own stores.

You can find it at broderamera.nu and broderigarn.se

What is Swish e-commerce?
Offer Swish, a popular real-time payment app, as a payment method in your webshop. Your customers have all they need in their mobile. Swish is a well known easy payment system in Sweden. In Swish e-commerce you get:

  • A corporate swish number. The number that starts with 123 followed by a seven digit number is connected to your corporate bank-account.
  • Confirmation about the purchase and payment to your bank-account in realtime.
  • The customer is connected directly from your webshop to Swish. they just have to approve the payment in their Swish-app.
How do I install?

You will find instructions for installation and download our free plugin via wordpress here

Installation support

Contact us if you need installation-support tobbe@bjorntech.se